Forest Hill Community Church



Forest Hill Community Church is a growing, independent church based in Forest Hill,
and Sydenham (South East London) where people from all walks of life are
welcomed, and invited into a relationship with God, follow the teaching of Jesus, and together make a difference in the world.
We are looking for someone to join our staff team and to be part of our church family,
with a particular focus on the under 30 age group. This should be a person who:

Has a pastoral heart and excellent inter-personal skills

Has a deep understanding of the Bible, and how it applies to daily life

Has knowledge and experience of the person of the Holy Spirit, and is able to
release and develop the gifts of the Spirit in the church, collectively and individually

Has a genuine desire and enthusiasm for building relationships with children,
young people and young adults and for their ongoing discipleship

Has the ability to confidently reach out to the local community and equip others to do so Is full of energy, with vision and passion, ready to hit the ground running

Closing date for applications: Friday 8th March 2024
For a Job Description and application form please contact